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Veteran salute

CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion salutes the brave men and women who have served our country in the U.S. military. The mission of CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion's Veterans Program is to promote and maximize the employment of Florida's veterans, especially veterans with barriers to employment. Our CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion veterans team provides priority of services year around to veterans and their eligible spouses. Come in and see an Employment Expeditor who will get you started via our Road Map to Employment. Services include one-on-one consultation with a Veterans Representative, assistance with job placement, information about the local job market, assessments, referrals and help securing funds to complete training or retraining.


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Read the Veterans Resource Guide to learn about workforce services, training, counseling, medical and financial assistance.

Also, the Employ Florida Veterans Portal and the My Next Move Portal allow veterans to search based on the type of job they had while serving.